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FROM: Julien Descamps, Founder of Dreamlabs Marketing

LOCATION:  San Diego, California

Time: 2:47 PM

Dear Friend:

Let's Get Right Into It...

First, if you have already built out and developed your own multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, or you're happy just "doing well" in your practice then this message is NOT for you.

That’s because I’m looking for 33 highly-motivated,want to win at all costsSurgeons who HAVE NOT yet launched their first successful, online marketing campaign, using my Review Defenders profit system...

If that’s you, then this will become the most profitable piece of information you're going to read all year... (as you learn how to secure my most closely held marketing secret, responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars in new business for cosmetic medical and dental practices across the country... Absolutely Risk Free.

Today, I'm Going To OFFER YOU
A Turn Key, "Done For You" Marketing System With A 98.74% Success Rate.

Where all you have to do is "flip the switch" and be up and running in less than 24 hours (potentially even attracting highly-qualified leads that want to buy what you're selling... by this weekend.)   

That's me, consulting a group of my clients from The Golla Center in Pittsburgh.
Full Service Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa, Dermatology and Podiatry.
*(And Yes... Review Defenders makes them small fortunes, year after year.)

But That's Not All...

To ensure your success... and to give you the biggest leg up over your competition...

I'm going to
GIVE YOU THE EXACT STRATEGY YOU NEED to be able to hypnotize prospective new patients into RAVING FANS, stealthily bypassing their habitual price shopping mechanisms, ready to pay YOU top dollar for your services... before they even meet you.  

Ethically, of course 
... and ultimately for their benefit

And you want to know the best part of it all?

There's Absolutely ZERO RISK To You!

I know that might sound crazy... but it's true.

Now, if you're wondering if Review Defenders is going to be right for you, then
 please allow me to quickly address some common misconceptions... 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried online marketing in the past and didn't make a SINGLE DIME back in profit... (almost none of my clients had found success online before starting with me.)
​It doesn’t matter if you’re not "100% sure" this will work for you... (this is actually a good thing, and you’ll know why here very shortly...)
​It doesn’t matter if you feel you haven't had the right marketing strategy in the past... (again, I’m going to give you the exact one you need.)
And it DEFINITELY doesn’t matter if you’re not “tech-savvy” (if you or someone on your staff knows how to use copy & paste, then you’re already way ahead of the game).

In fact, I’m going to “demystify” everything you’ve been told about how to launch a successful online marketing campaign in your practice with just one word...

As well as show you, step-by-step, how to scale your online marketing profitably with actual consistency... 

Where you're excited to
deploy your ad dollars out into the world like soldiers on the digital battlefield capturing new dollars for you to build your own empire!

All without dealing with dreaded “marketing paralysis” (which every business owner has had...) to overcome that, I’ll share with you my sneaky trick that
DESTROYS that feeling in seconds).

Now, You Might Be Wondering...

"Why on earth would you be so damn generous... to offer your marketing system to me today... Risk Free?!"

Well, the reason is really quite simple...

I want to motivate you off the sidelines and...

Get YOU Into The Game!

Because if you’re here right now, I know it’s because of one of two reasons:

Reason #1you’ve been wanting grow your practice through online marketing because you want to serve your community in the best way you can, and you've seen it work for others.

You know you provide a better services than your competition
and you just need a little help letting the world know how awesome you are!

That way... when
new leads and patients are looking for what you offer they know with absolute certainty that YOU'RE the right person for the job.

In turn this allows you to scale your company, granting you and your family more freedom to do what you want, when you want, and also helps you take care of your staff at a higher level, better strengthening the core of your business all around. 

But... for some reason, you haven’t pulled the trigger ye

Maybe you’re “strategizing”
 trying to make sure you have all of the right moves in your head BEFORE you move forward...

you haven't yet found a solution you feel is easy to understand and is a "low-risk investment"...

Or... you might end up feeling a little embarrassed or worried about what others will think of you if your attempt isn't successful.
Reason #2 - you DID try your hand at this online marketing thing... perhaps even trying as we speak...

Where you hired a marketing agency or consultant... and for whatever reason, it just isn't “panning-out” as you would have hoped.

You feel like you spent a small fortune... going "all in" on A HOPE STRATEGY sold to you by a slick talking salesman, but it's all falling apart.

Now, the idea of going back and starting over... just to give it "one more shot"...

Churns all those feelings of failure, disappointment and 
skepticism again.

Almost like
dropping a nuclear anxiety bomb in your gut.

Listen, You Are Absolutely Not Alone
In Experiencing These Feelings.

I Know How INCREDIBLY RISKY & EXPENSIVE This Online Marketing Stuff Can Be...

And that's why this letter is so important for you to read right now.

Now, in case you don’t know who I am, my name is Julien Descamps, and I’m the founder of Dreamlabs Marketing based in San Diego, CA.

And my personal mission is to help ambitious business owners, like you,
dominate and thrive in the ever increasing and competitive online landscape...

Helping YOU 
achieve the life and success you deserve all while helping your new patients make safe and educated decisions along the way.

And in case you couldn't tell through my enthusiasm...

I'm very proud to say that
my Review Defenders program is THE marketing system responsible for generating millions upon millions of additional top line revenue (and counting)... 

For cosmetic medical and dental practices who believe their message is worth being shared to the masses

Review Defenders Generates Millions of Dollars In Additional Top Line Revenue Each Year To My Clients. 

And Has Completely Changed Their Lives

Now, those numbers may sound amazing, but if you haven't experienced those kinds of results for yourself before... it can feel a bit hard to believe...

Maybe even a little bit frustrating, especially if you've had a less than stellar experiences with online marketing in the past... leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 

Turns Out, You Weren't The Only One...

You see, when I was figuring out the COMMON DENOMINATOR across our most successful practices online... 

I asked myself this one single question: 

"What is the most important "buy" trigger a patient needs to have before choosing which business they will call?"

For weeks I was holed up in my office, manically analyzing all of the top performing local businesses online using our program in EVERY niche possible... 

Plastic Surgery
Medical Spas
And Too Much Else To List...

You name it, my eyes were on it. 

I was analyzing businesses online like an old time football coach obsessed with watching and re-watching game tapes, figuring out which plays worked and which plays flopped... 

And that's when I noticed a very clear pattern among the most successful local business owners. 

It all came down to ONE SINGLE WORD...

In other words...

It didn't matter if they had the lowest prices in town... 
It didn't matter if their website was ugly or even had one at all...
It didn't matter if the front desk never followed up on leads... 
It didn't matter if they didn't have gigantic marketing budgets... 

The One Common Theme Amongst The Most Successful Small Businesses Online Is That They Portray An Unequivocal Feeling of Confidence To People Looking For Their Services. 

In fact...

If you skip this one single element, your chances of financial success with online marketing dwindle into the abyss
like a rock thrown into the deepest ocean.

Here's why… 

It dramatically lowers new patient acquisition cost by up to 83% when advertising by building trust from the first click instead of someone just shopping for the best deal wasting your marketing dollars. 
It raises the valuation of a business should you ever decide to sell your company by being a consistent and predictable source of new lead generation due to the trust built within your business.
It helps rank you faster on Google leading to more organic traffic finding you as Google sees you as a more trusted and "liked" business against your peers. 
It builds goodwill within your community leading to more word of mouth when people are looking to recommend a business to their friends and loved ones online.

That Sounds Great, But Show Me How
This Translates To Money In The Bank For Me

Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa

"Review Defenders Has Been Our Secret Marketing Weapon That's Allowed Us To More Than Triple In Size In The Last 5 Years, To Become San Diego's #1 Medical Spa"

Stacy Grissen, MSN, AGNP-C
Owner - AP Medical Spa, Encinitas, CA 

Morris Eye Group

"We've Become One Of The Most Trusted Ophthalmology Centers In All Of California and Have Generated Millions Of Dollars Worth Of New Business Due To Review Defenders."

Dr. Jeffrey B. Morris, M.D., M.P.H
Owner - Morris Eye Group, Encinitas, CA 

Dental Wellness of Lexington

"We Heard About Review Defenders From Another Business... This Program Has Been One Of The Best Business Investments Of My 35+ Year Career."

Dr. Anthony "Tony" Feck, DMD
Owner - Lexington Dental, Lexington, KY 

Golla Plastic Surgery

"Through Review Defenders We're Now The #1 Plastic Surgery Center In All Of Pittsburgh. Which Lets New Patients Know They Are In The Most Trusted Hands."

Dr. Dinakar Golla, M.D., F.A.C.S
Owner - Golla Center For Plastic Surgery, Pittsburgh, PA 

Holly Springs Pediatrics

"Review Defenders Just Works
And Works Fast"

Dr. Olga  Nilova, M.D.
Owner - Holly Springs Pediatrics, Holly Springs, NC 

Pell City Dental Center

"We Never Thought That Such A Small Investment Into Our Marketing Could Have Such A Monumental Impact On Our Bottom Line."

Dr. Scott Barnett, D.M.D., F.A.G.D
Owner - Pell City Dental Center, Pell City, AL 

Now If You've Made It This Far You're Probably Wondering…

"OK Julien, What's The Catch?" 

Listen - I'm not here to hide anything from you.

I'm doing this insane
RISK FREE offer as a bribe to get you to try my Review Defenders Program.  

Why Would I Do This?

For a few reasons actually…

Reason #1 - I know that when my marketing system starts working directly for YOU… 

I can guarantee with absolute certainty you will see results within a matter of days, sometimes as quickly as 24 hours after signing up. 

I know you'll become addicted to Review Defenders once you start seeing the growth month after month.

Reason #2 - I know that once you start using Review Defenders to collect highly qualified leads who are eager to pay you what you're worth as opposed to price shopping…

The more likely you are to join my elite marketing program and enter the ranks of the top 1% of medical practitioners today.

(If you're committed to your success like I think you are, you'd fit right in.)

Reason #3 - I’m sick and tired of “marketing agencies” that peddle lame, “flash-in-the-pan” online tactics that don’t work and end up costing you a small fortune.

Then they come up with excuse after excuse, leaving you out to dry, with zero help or guidance when things don't work out the way you'd hoped.

It’s not fair to you, your business, your employees, your family, and it really pisses me off because there IS a way to make it work for you, and our results are living proof.

So to fight against those who only value money over long term successful business relationships swarming the Internet… 

I do this for many people just like YOU and now it's your turn...

I want to OVER DELIVER and make this a complete no brainer for you! 

From Struggling To Break 6 Figures…

I Grew Her Into…

A Multi-Million Dollar Behemoth:

This Is A Limited Time Offer
And Time Is Of The Essence
So Allow Me To Take It Over The Top. 

30-Day Money Back

When I told you that I wanted this offer to be 100% RISK FREE for you…

I meant it. 

That's why
I'm putting our money where our mouth is. 

If we're not able to generate you results within the first 30-Days of you trying Review Defenders I will refund you every last penny. 

That's how confident I am that we will get YOU Results and get them FAST!

That’s the beauty of RISK FREE! You don’t even need to make a full commitment and say “YES!” right now…

All you have to do is say “MAYBE”.

“Maybe I’ll give it a try…”

“Maybe I can do it too!”

“Maybe I’m ready to grow my business and change my life and the lives of those I love most…”

“Maybe Review Defenders is the answer I’ve been waiting for…”

Here's What To Do Next…

From here, it’s just a matter of us jumping on a call together to see if your business is a good fit for the program…

Go ahead and CLICK or TAP on the green button below now, schedule your discovery call and we'll take it from there!

If we find that you're a good fit for the program and you sign up, we'll immediately start implementing the strategy that is responsible for generating millions of dollars in additional revenue into your business and watch it grow! 

Honestly, I get excited every time someone new gets to experience the results for themselves. 

And remember— this is YOUR time to make something happen!

It’s time for you to “get in the game” and grow with Review Defenders!

I Promise You This…

Once you start experiencing the results from Review Defenders, you’re going to feel like a rockstar.

I know how silly that may sound, but honestly, there’s just nothing like it...

I want you to experience what it’s like to build a thriving online marketing system, and it all starts when YOU "click" that big Green button now.

To your success, 

Julien Descamps

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